Our Massage Service Packages:

30 mins


45 mins


1 hour

Includes a complimentary freshwater spa

Executive Touch

90mins of pure Indulgence

2 ladies

Double the fee


Minimium 1 hour; includes spa room and sparkling wine

Couples Outcall

1 hour excluding return taxi

Weekender Double Trouble

2 masseuses at same time – $50 discount

Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday Special

90mins discounted rate

All rates include room rental and masseuse fees

Any additional costs are an agreement made between the client and masseuse. As we appreciate your patronage we have a cost cap for extra services of up to $200.00. This includes oral , touching and full service this amount can only be charged once by your masseuse,no matter how long your booking is for.

Exclusions to this cap include B&D, some fetishes and Anal services.All extra services are at the discretion of your chosen masseuse.

Please note that if you plan on paying by credit card that requires a signature and not a pin number, proof of identification is required.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Eftpos and Union Pay (There is a 10% administration charge for credit card and eftpos transactions).

View our adult massage services online, and find out how you can save on the above rates by becoming a frequent slider!