Body Sliding into Autumn like a true professional

May Update

We’ve made it to the end of May and like all good establishments should, have news to share!

We are currently in the process of undertaking a mass renovation and over the next 6 months you can look forward to some changes. 

It hasn’t started yet but what we can tell you is that Bliss on Crown will look phenomenal from everything down to the lighting, curtains to our rooms.  

We are investing heavily in the future of Bliss and improving the experience of our clients from the time you enter to the time you leave. 

We aim to be your go to Sydney Erotic Massage Parlour.  

Watch this space! 

Connect with Us

We are very active across all of our social media platforms including Snapchat and Instagram. Did you know we take bookings through both platforms? 

Some weeks we also do Instagram AMA’s with our fantastic receptionists where you can anonymously ask us anything! 

Sometimes we can’t share it on our story because we need to keep it PG for the platform if you know what we mean! 

To Kink or not to Kink?

Coming in to June we have a huge focus on bringing attention to not only our phenomenal massage but also to introduce you to the kink. 

Fetish or kink is often stigmatised, but here at Bliss we welcome it and have masseuses who are experts in the art of the Kink. 

If you’re after more than just a massage come in and discuss what you’re looking for with our stunning masseuses! 

Masseuse Update

New @ Bliss 

  • Eve – our gorgeous curvy and tattooed lady she is here 3-4 nights a week. Catch her if you’re a lovely man, a lovely woman or in a lovely couple. 
  • Nikita – this petite Indian babe is edgy, throw in a tight athletic body and fair few tattoos and you have the complete femme fatale. Perfect for men, women and couples. Catch her working well in to the evening. 
  • Samantha – our gorgeous interstate babe, catch her late nights working predominantly Tuesday – Saturday. 
  • Grace – our gorgeous Eurasian babe, catch her working the odd night and sometimes the odd day. 
  • Luna – our new English recruit, petite and blonde. Catch her a couple of days a week if you’re a lovely man or a lovely couple. 

Returnees to Bliss

  • Leah – our gorgeous Interstate babe, catch her late nights.
  • Sienna – our very own Sienna Miller lookalike, catch her on the odd Tuesday!  
  •  Kit – our fiery red head, catch her working a couple of days and maybe a weekend each week. 
  • Layna – our stunning brunette European babe, catch her working both days/nights. 
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Nikita in her element