Looking for a safe, sexy, and supportive environment to work in?

At Bliss, we’re always interested in meeting sexy and confident young women who wish to join our team. As an up-market adult massage establishment, we only consider women who present well, are professional and stable, pleasant to be around, and desire success.

Experience in the industry is preferred but not necessary, we are happy to provide full training and support to new masseuses. Ladies who would like to earn additional income by incorporating extras in their services are also welcome.

Some of the benefits of working at Bliss include:

  • Flexible work and life balance with day and night shifts available during the week and weekend.
  • Flexible start and finish times to accommodate regular life and other responsibilities.
  • Understanding, supportive, and friendly female management and staff.
  • A safe, well-maintained, and hygienic working environment.
  • Respect for personal boundaries and choice of additional services.
  • Access to a well appointed girls room with Wi-Fi, kitchenette, and desks for those that work and study.
  • For your efforts you will be paid daily and consistently at the end of each shift.

If you are interested in becoming a Bliss Babe and doing a trial shift with us, please give us a call on (02) 9360 3366 or fill out our employment form below. 

 We would love to hear from you!