P-spot, g-spot, whatever way you say it, we are talking all things butt stuff today. Excited?

Let me first clarify, butt stuff… But on you. Did that make you squirm? Clench?

For some heterosexual men, prostate pleasure or butt stuff may seem like a taboo topic. Anal play is generally associated with homosexual males and has as such been homophobically slurred. If you think a prostate massage is gay, then your homophobic beliefs might just be stopping you from having a whole lot of fun.

butt stuff

There’s a reason Gay means happy, those guys have discovered an infinite wealth of pleasure, right where the sun don’t shine!

Some of you guys may have ventured to ask a partner to explore this area more and had wives or girlfriends express concern over their sexuality, leading to shame, and difficulty approaching the topic with subsequent sexual partners.

I get it, it’s a sensitive topic!

Some of you might be surprised to know that after sex and a good blow job, butt stuff (on you) is the most requested extra. It’s also one that a lot of gentlemen are curious about but feel too shy to a request.

I’m here to tell you, fellas, you need to speak up or miss out on the enormous spectrum of pleasure your prostate can bring you! It might sound cliche, but us sex workers really have heard it all, and a polite request for a prostate massage doesn’t really register on our freak-o-metre.

Stimulation of the prostate gland can help alleviate symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), urine flow issues, painful ejaculation, as well as greatly assist with harder, bigger erections and longer, stronger orgasms. It is important to steer clear of a prostate massage if you have any swelling, tumours or have had a prostatitis diagnosis. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Before plunging into the delights of pegging (made mainstream from the sitcom Broad City; us millennials may never know the joy of home-ownership, but how many boomers know the power of wearing a strap-on and ploughing Hubby? Huh? Checkmate Baby Boomers ;)) you are best introduced to prostate massage with a finger or sex toy, either externally or internally.

External prostate stimulation involves stroking and/or pressure of the perineum, in the upward and inward direction, and for some people, this external massage is enough to increase blood flow and erotic sensations. This can be done as part of an erotic massage, foreplay or during oral sex to heighten the experience.

Naked booty exotic woman

An internal prostate massage is similar to what your doctor will perform, but a tonne more fun!

It is best to start a prostate massage after emptying the bladder and bowels, to make you more comfortable, and a thorough shower to make sure your partner is more comfortable!

Unlike pegging or anal-fisting, douching is not necessary for a beginners prostate massage. More in-depth play may require douching as you become more adventurous.

During an erotic massage at Bliss, you would be relaxed from your full body massage, and feel excited by your masseuses teasing of your balls, thighs, butt and perineum.

Using a glove or a discreet condom over her index-finger your masseuse will warm plenty of lube before generously applying to the area.

Pressure and strokes to the perineum will increase, leading to more blood flow in the entire pelvic floor. This feeds all of you nerve-endings creating intense feelings of desire.

As the massage continues the masseuse’s finger will find your prostate and apply gentle pressure. Some people prefer a hold and release and repeat technique building more energy and intensity, while others prefer gentle sweeping of the area. Communication with your masseuse is key to getting the most out of your experience. You may experience an urge to pee, feelings of “fullness”, shortness of breath, and tingling waves of pleasure over the entire body, and a firm erection, all of which is normal during butt stuff.

This pleasure can go on and on…

You can alternate with a magic cock massage or some delicious oral sex.

Deep breathing can circulate the energy and help build the intensity to experience a prostate or whole body orgasm, which feels completely different from an ejaculatory orgasm. This is usually achieved by resisting the strong urge to stimulate the cock while you explore the sensation from the prostate. Prostate orgasm requires and relaxed and turned on body and mind and a sense of trust with your masseuse, and it usually takes a bit of practice and is best experienced over at least an hour. I would recommend a 90 min session to fully relax. I’ll talk more about different types of orgasms and how to achieve them in a future post. (Maybe the next one!)

However you orgasm during this experience, I guarantee you it’ll be on par with your first ever orgasm. Giving true meaning to the often used term ‘mind-blowing”. The intense sensations will move through your entire body and mind, and you will find the orgasm lasts a lot longer than your usual orgasm. Many people experience shaking and wobbling legs and will need some time to come back to earth before being able to walk. I strongly advise against operating heavy machinery afterwards! 🙂

I hope, for those interested, I’ve changed some perceptions about buff stuff and piqued some interest in the curious. If this is something you would like to try, please don’t be shy, and ask the Bliss Babes on your next meeting to find out who would like to take this adult massage service with you.

For the already initiated, I didn’t mean to bore you with a beginners blog, hang in there for the pegging post!

Till next time…

Stacey Cummings
In-House Sexpert!