Spa's are back!!!

And just like that we have been given confirmation by the plumbing and pipe re-lining company that we can finally use our spas again. 

Thank you all for being so patient, feel free to jump right in and splash about. 

We still are not able to provide access through our back area for everyone as there is still major works to be completed and it’s just not a sexy first impression. 

Trust us when we say that because we can’t wait to open that back door again for you all.

But honestly, we are almost there, the concrete has been poured and everything is on it’s way to being completed and we can’t wait. 

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Samantha is back but for 1 week only!!!

Borders have reopened and that means our lovely Samantha is back from the 9th February until the 13th of February working from 6pm each night.

As always, you are welcome to come in and meet her but bookings are highly recommended as always give us a call on 9360 3366. 

samatha 1

February - Spotlight on Couples

It’s been a phenomenal start to 2021 for couples, we’ve seen so many beautiful new faces and really love being able to cater to couples. 

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a couples massage give us a call anytime. 

Our recommendations for getting the most out of a Couples Massage:

  1. Communication – couple bookings are fantastic when BOTH partners in the couple actually want to be here and are willing participants. 
  2. Expectations – having a discussion with the masseuse you are looking to see is a great start, explain what you’re both hoping to achieve and how we can assist you both. 
  3. Outcomes – our Bliss Babes love a great outcome and with a great attitude you will have great results. 

Remember any of our friendly receptionists are happy to answer your questions via phone or email so please do not hesitate to contact us on 9360 3366. 


Do you visit us regularly? Feel free to drop in anytime

Ask us about our frequent slider club. 

Room 1 at Bliss on Crown Massage

It’s free and every 10th visit you earn a free 1/2 hour massage with the masseuse of your choice. 

You won’t regret it that’s for sure. 

Sexy Masseuse at Bliss

As always we are on the lookout for the next Bliss Babe. 

Is that you? Or do you know someone who would be perfect for us? 

Get in contact with us through our work page.